Homemade Pizza.

Homemade Pizza.
Won’t come close to what we just had in New York, but I’m steadily putting distance between me and anything we can buy in our neighborhood.

3 thoughts on “Homemade Pizza.

  1. Bill says:

    Looks pretty dang decent. I definitely like the cheese browned like that.Did you make the crust from hard flour? Cook it on a stone in a million-degree oven?In your neighborhood, I'd go to Mike's in Davis Square. Not thin crust, but very very good. And actually, Bertucci's is delicious. Every time I go back, I eat some and never regret the calories.

  2. danielpunkass says:

    Hi guys – thanks for the comments.More info:The crust is from scratch. Just water, yeast, salt, flour, and enough olive oil to coat the ball while rising.I use regular all-purpose King Arthur flour, but have been meaning to experiment.I cook on a pizza stone that has been warming in a 550+ oven for an hour or more. The instant heat from the stone and the overall heat of the oven means it cooks in about 5 minutes, which is getting closer to desired \”NY style\” speed.Thanks for the Mike's suggestion, Bill. I haven't tried it yet. I am pretty allegiant to thin crust (unless it's chicago style \”pizza\”), but I can appreciate all styles if they are delicious.

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